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PEOPLEOTELMOVE is leading hospitality recruitment consultants in India and Dubai serving the hotel, restaurant and hospitality industries. The company has earned an extraordinary reputation for successful recruitment and placement of talented hospitality executives in a broad range of senior-level and management roles in hotels, resorts, spas, clubs, casinos, restaurants, convention facilities, campus/university dining services, food service companies, and other areas of the hospitality industry..

The PEOPLEOTELMOVE has been providing exemplary process-driven hospitality and recruitment consulting services to the world’s most renowned international 5-star hotels, restaurants, airlines and leisure and retail companies. We represent numerous luxury hotels (5 Star, 4 star and 3 star), premium restaurants and bars, leisure companies and airlines Dubai, India and around the globe.

With our extensive hospitality recruitment operations and search experience, we have huge number of job vacancies in various 5 star hotels at all levels in the numerous luxury hotels (5 Star, 4 stars and 3 stars) throughout the world. We assist recruiters to staff candidates at the staff, management and executive level coast to coast.

We have placed over 2,000 international candidates and have provided food and beverage consultants for numerous restaurants and bars, as well as undertaking intensive quality audits for 5 star hotels and premium restaurants across the globe.

We have a “Potential Candidates” –The kind of person’s you need as per Your Recruitment Standards.

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